How Can I Use Solar Energy At Home

Leverage Solar, Wind And Water Energy

How Can I Use Solar Energy At Home - Leverage Solar, Wind And Water Energy


Discover How You Can Use Solar Energy At Home
Solar energy, the energy from the Sun, brings life to Earth and keeps us alive. It is abundance and free. Massive of these energy are released everywhere in the world. No matter where you are, you are bound to see the Sun and enjoy the warm sunlight. However, have you ask yourself these questions:
  • Is solar energy useful?
  • Can we harness solar energy to our benefits?
  • Why are we wasting this free energy? And most importantly …
  • How can I use solar energy at home?
What Is Solar Energy?
Solar energy is the process or technology of converting Sun's energy to make it useable. I'm sure you have seen some solar powered devices such as Solar Powered Multifunctional Watches or Solar & Battery Powered Calculator before. These are just some small gadgets that make use of the free energy and converted it into useful electricity to charge up the batteries. Not only these devices look trendy, they can last a lifetime! Of course I'm assuming the Sun is still around.
Based on researches, currently less than 0.01% of the world's energy comes from the Sun. We are still using coal and oil as our main sources of energies. This is a great piece of news. If everyone starts harnessing solar energy, our world will be much "cleaner" and there will be much less pollution. Just imagine this, 99.99% of the solar radiation, or energy are wasted every second. If we can start tapping these free energy from our home, and use it to convert to electricity to power up our houses, we do not have to pay a single cent for our bill anymore! And this energy will not be depleted, nor the charges will go up and down. You are basically worry-free for life!
Advantages of Solar Energy
There are numerous benefits of harnessing solar energy. Below are some of the advantages:
  • Solar energy is free,
  • Solar energy will not be depleted, which means it will last forever,
  • Solar energy can be converted to other forms of energy, such as electrical and stored energy.
  • Solar energy is clean. The process is clean and direct. No pollution will be created.
  • Solar energy does not produce waste. No burning is involved and therefore no waste is produced.
  • Using solar energy will help to save the Earth. We do not have to dig for oil, or burn coals and woods which harms our mother Earth.
  • Solar energy is reliable. You will get the energy everyday, without fail. And do not have to worry about using up these energy.
The above mentioned are just a fraction of what solar energy can provide to our lives. These are some of the major contributions which we must not neglect. With these benefits, how can anyone refuses to use solar energy?
How Solar Energy Works?
Alright, I'll not get into details. I'll give you just a rough idea how solar energy works. The most commonly use method is through solar panels, or photovoltaic cells. This is a piece of dark glass panel which you can see on calculators, watches or rooftops. When the sun shines on this glass, the electrons inside becomes active and moves through the cells to create electricity. There are many ways of capturing the sunlight, such as using mirrors to reflect the light to the solar panels.
Another method of harnessing solar energy is by trapping the heat of the sun in the day. This method is not new and has been using all around the world. The most common usage is to tap the sun's heat and store it for water heater. Have you ever shower using solar heater before? I do!
Same effect works for the plants as well. It is called the Green House Effect. All the plants are stored in a small house made of glass. During the day, heat travels through the glass and are trapped inside the greenhouse. During the night when it's cold, the warmth inside will be able to keep the plants alive.
Disadvantages Of Solar Energy
You have heard lots of advantages, so what are the disadvantages of using solar energy?
  • There is no solar energy at night. Yes, no sun, no energy.
  • During the cloudy days, not much energy can be harnessed.
  • Requires a start up cost. In order to start harnessing the solar energy, you need to have your solar harnessing kit. It's a one time cost. After you have built your kit, you can tap the Sun's energy for life.
Solar Energy Kits
It's impossible to list out all the Solar Energy DIY Kits. I'll just list a few common and useful ones here. If you are interested to build and convert your home to a Green Home, you can get the Earth4Energy Guide eBook. The ebook will have lots of examples how to make use of your surroundings to convert your home into energy efficient home. Not only using solar energy, you can get wind and water energy as well from this guide ebook.
Sunforce 50048 60-Watt Solar Charging Kit
Remember I've said before, without the sun, you will not be able to use the energy? Worry no more, Sunforce Solar Charging Kit basically allows you to charge your batteries in the day, and store the energy for night use. This kit is very handy and easily fit into your RV, camps or boats.
This charging kit provides up to 60W of power. You can charge over and over again. This kit is designed for outdoor use and it's tough. It's weatherproof and able to withstand the impacts from hailstones crushing up to 80km/h. You can tap the solar energy anywhere you want with this portable solar charging device without any worries! You can find more information at Sunforce 50048 60-Watt Solar Charging Kit.
Complete 2 Panel Hybrid Solar Water Heater Kit
Want free hot water to your house? Simply just install this device on your rooftop and you can have endless supply of hot water. This kit has the advantages of expansion, which means if you'll like more hot water at a shorter time, you can add on to the current kit. This solar heater will store and maintain the heat overnight. If you like a warm shower at night, you can have it right away, without any cost! Start saving money by bathing in hot water now! You can find out more at Complete 2 Panel Hybrid Solar Water Heater Kit.
sCharger for Cell Phones
This piece of equipment is perhaps the most useful if you are going for hiking, or overseas. This is a solar charger for your cell phone. You just leave it under the sun and your iphone will be charged automatically! This solar cell phone charger supports iPhone, iPod, Andriod Phones, eReaders and many more.
You can charge and talk, surf or listen to music at the same time. This sCharger is long-life, as well as weather resistant. You just display it under the sun and leave it there, worry free! It also includes the latest "Auto-retry" technology to ease the charging process caused by interruptions from clouds and shadows. What more you can ask for? To find out more, you can check out sCharger for Cell Phones.
Fafco Solar Bear Pool Heating System
I like to swim. And I hate winter when the water's so cold I have to abandon my hobby for the next 3 months. However I've found this economy Solar Pool Heating System and it totally changes my winter life. This piece of equipment will transfer the heat energy from the Sun to your pool! It is attached to the filtration system and heats up the water which in turn transfer back to the pool. It comes with a bypass valve and if you prefer cold water, just turn it off.
This heating system is very tough and it'll last you easily 10 to 20 years. You do not have to waste any money to heat up your pool anymore. With Fafco Solar Bear Pool Heating System installed, just swim whenever you want now!
Your Turn
I've shared some useful solar powered devices to help you save money and improve your life. I hope you have some ideas how to use solar energy at home now. Do you have anything to share as well? I really hope to hear from you. Just write in the comments below.

Sunforce 50048 60-Watt Solar Charging Kit

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